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Beverly Hills Law Corp., PC’s staff are dedicated to providing you with the best legal representation possible in your entertainment endeavor. We can assist you in every facet of the entertainment industry, including:

  • Contract drafting and reviews
  • Negotiation and review of distribution deals
  • Talent Agreement drafting
  • Assisting you in securing Film/TV financing
  • Script review for potential legal issues
  • Preparation of music licenses
  • Preservation of music publishing rights
  • Assistance in copyrighting your music/screenplay
  • Protection of your intellectual property

We can structure, negotiate, and draft contracts and agreements throughout all aspects of the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, actor, model, writer, director, producer, athlete or internet entrepreneur, we are ready to help you.

Should you find yourself in a contract dispute, we will assist you in contract negotiations, legal settlements, dispute resolution, and litigation issues in entertainment law. We create strategies in which we assess financial implications, identify potential risks, and successfully negotiate the right terms for our clients.


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I highly recommend his law firm. His expertise and professionalism are exceptional.

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