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I have worked with many lawyers over my 30 year business history and I can say with assuredness that Beverly Hills Law Corp is one of the best in all aspects of communicating law to the lay person. Whether it is providing “to the point” easy to understand answers or his understanding of law as it relates to your situation, my time with them was incredibly informative and provided me with a full understanding of my options. They’re well mannered and well spoken. I will most certainly continue using their services.

-Danny C.

My landlord failed to provide me with a statement and refund of my security deposit within 21 days. I contacted Sagar to explain my situation and he immediately contacted them and had my issue resolved within a week. I highly recommend his law firm. His expertise and professionalism are exceptional.

-Karen A.

Sagar is a very bright and knowledgeable attorney and a nice guy too. I was very impressed with not only his legal writing skills but, god forbid, I could actually talk with him on a regular basis. I had a very stubborn and difficult former employer and he helped facilitate a good settlement for me. I would completely recommend this attorney to anyone looking for quality.

-Gary R.

Sagar assisted us with a very difficult lawsuit. The opposing party was extremely uncooperative, manipulative and did everything they could to make our case difficult and expensive. Sagar provided excellent legal services but more importantly helped keep our stress level at a minimum. He was always available and provided detailed answers to not only the legal questions but the process we were going through. As this was our first lawsuit ever, Sagar helped navigate the waters with creative processes that brought the situation and issues to light faster which allowed us to ultimately settle our case with a positive outcome. He has an excellent grasp of the whole legal process as well as the nuts and bolts of Real Estate. He communicates extremely well with all parties involved, and does not waste time, moving on quickly to resolve the issues. He has a real talent for taking a complicated problem and solving it, with a respect for everyone. We could not have found a better lawyer and are forever grateful for his help and support

-Marjorie B.

Mr. Parikh has been my legal representative and counsel for nearly a year. He’s been able to handle any legal situation which has included business matters, work matters, as well as realty. His top assets are his experience in a wide range of legal areas and reliability in handling claims quickly. I am sure that I can look to Mr. Parikh for years to come!

-Chandrea A.

I contacted Sagar about a stressful matter that I’m dealing with. He was immediately responsive, examined specific details of the matter, and was great with follow up. Although he doesn’t specialize in the type of case it looks like I ultimately have, I so appreciate the time and effort he put into seeing if he could help me. I highly recommend contacting him for your legal affairs.


I wanted to say thank you for all your help and patience . If anyone need a great real estate attorney , please read Sagar’s profile and his reviews . He is a excellent attorney and will protect your best interest and make sure you win your case. sagar was great in all aspects very professional and full of wisdom. Glad to read his reviews and make the best choice to call him on my case. I definitely will give him the highest rating available because there is not enough stars to rate him accordingly. Thank you for all your help and support on this case.

-Luis J.

I had to write a review! I am so thankful for Sagars help. I was in a horrible situation. I met Sagar in his office and expressed my financial position He was more than willing to work with me. He wrote a beautifully written demand letter and kept in touch with me daily until my situation was resolved. He listened to the entire story and stood by my side the whole way thru. Because of his patience, understanding and loyalty to my case the matter was resolved quickly. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. It’s not often you find an affordable attorney that cares. Thank you Sagar!
I am very happy with the outcome.