January 22, 2015

Creating a Privacy Policy For Your California Business Website

If you are an entrepreneur who sells goods or provides a service, you know it?s a business imperative to have a website. However, there are various legal issues that need to be addressed. One such is having a proper privacy policy declaration on your website. This is especially true for California-based enterprises. The State of California has strict laws about website privacy policies.

You must disclose to your visitors what data your business collects and what it will be used for. At a minimum, your privacy policy should contain the following:

  • What data your website will collect from the user.
  • How the data will be used.
  • Whether the data will be shared with any third parties.
    • If the data is shared, your privacy policy should specify whether the shared data includes personal information, or whether visitors? information is shared in a collective and anonymous form.
  • Whether or not your website is storing cookies.
  • How users of your business? website can review or change their personal information.

Further, under California law, there are strict guidelines about where on your website you can post your privacy policy. To comply with this law, you must either:

  • Post the privacy policy on the Home page of the website.
  • Link the privacy policy to the Home page using a link that has the word ?privacy? contained within it.
  • Link the privacy policy to the Homepage using an icon that includes the word ?privacy.?

Drafting a website privacy policy is a process that needs to be custom-tailored to each business or enterprise. We at Beverly Hills Law Corp., PC assist businesses in Los Angeles and all of California with these and other such issues. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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