January 19, 2014

Dealing With A Partnership Dispute

When you start a business with a partner, it is like entering into a marriage. It is almost inevitable that conflicts will arise between you and your partner(s).

Among the most common sources of partnership disputes are:

  • Lack of a partnership agreement and/or having an ambiguous agreement.
  • Trust issues amongst the partners.
  • How to manage the business.
  • Who should control which aspects of the business.
  • Formulating company policies.
  • Partnership finances.
  • How to market/advertise the business.
  • The future direction of the business.

A business lawyer at Beverly Hills Law Corp., PC can assist you with solving your partnership disputes, so you can focus on business rather than being distracted and stressed over disputes within the partnership. We can guide you through informal negotiations and mediations, as well as initiating legal proceedings, if necessary.

If you and your partner(s) cannot come to an equitable resolution of your issues, we can also help you dissolve the partnership, whether it is a voluntary dissolution or involuntary dissolution through a lawsuit.

When you need assistance with your partnership formation, partnership dispute, or partnership dissolution, contact a business attorney at Beverly Hills Law Corp., PC now for a free consultation.

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