October 31, 2013

Responsibility Of Repairs In A Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Tenants are often concerned with the condition of the premises they are renting. They may be confused as to whether they are responsible for repairing something or whether the landlord is responsible.

Under California law, there is an implied warranty of habitability that states that a rental unit must be fit for occupancy by human beings and that the rental unit must comply with state and local health and building safety laws. Ultimately, it is the landlord who is responsible for making sure the tenant?s rental unit is habitable.

The landlord has the responsibility to correct substantial defects in the rental unit and ensure they comply with state and local building and health codes. However, if the damage to the unit was caused by the tenant or the tenant’s family, guests, or pets, then the tenant is responsible for the repairs.

If you?re a tenant and there are repairs the landlord is unwilling to make to your unit, consult with a Los Angeles Landlord-Tenant attorney. The tenant?s rights lawyers at Beverly Hills Law Corp., PC represent tenants all around Los Angeles County and can write a demand letter to your landlord advising the landlord of the landlord?s responsibility and protecting the tenant?s rights. You may be entitled to damages from your landlord as well.

If your unit has any of the following problems, consult with a Los Angeles Landlord-Tenant Lawyer who can help you assert your tenants? rights:

  • The windows and/or door(s) are broken.
  • There are problems with the plumbing, including not receiving hot or cold water, problems with your toilet, and problems with the shower.
  • There is no heating in the unit.
  • The electrical system, including the wiring, is not functioning or not installed properly.
  • There are rodents, roaches, bed bugs, or other vermin in the unit.
  • There is trash or debris outside of your unit or in the hallway.
  • There is mold in your unit.
  • There is flooding or water damage in your unit.
  • Floors, stairways, and railings are not in good repair.
  • The smoke detectors don?t work.
  • Your door lock is broken.
  • Your mailbox lock is broken
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