May 20, 2020

What to Watch Out for in a Social Media Influencer Contract

social media technology influencer recording unboxing video at home

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs, particularly in Los Angeles and the State of California, make a living through social media. They are colloquially known as social media influencers and often make money off of Instagram or Twitter through the promotion or sponsorship of certain products and services. This is an exciting and cutting edge area of entrepreneurship, one which Beverly Hills Law Corp located in Beverly Hills, California is uniquely poised to handle. We have represented numerous social media influencers, whether they are fitness gurus, models, or other entertainment professionals.

When doing a deal with a company to advertise or promote or sponsor their products or services, you need to be very careful with what you sign off on in a social media influencer contract.

Large companies are the ones that are engaging in most partnerships with social media influencers in California, and they will often present a social media influencer with lengthy, confusing contracts that use legalese and are not easy to understand for a common attorney, let alone a non-attorney. This is when you should come to an experienced attorney like Sagar Parikh at Beverly Hills Law Corp., who knows what to look for when reviewing, drafting, and negotiating an influencer contract.

How Can an Attorney Help?

You want an attorney who will ensure that your rights are protected, including, but not limited to:

  • ensuring that your intellectual property is adequately addressed
  • looking to see if there are any exclusivity clauses that could prevent you from being a social media influencer partner with a similar company for a similar product or service
  • ensuring that the compensation and payment schedule in the contract are laid out properly
  • ensuring that your deliverables are properly outlined
  • ensuring that the proper governing law is in the contract.

The above are just a few of the many pitfalls any influencer must watch out for before engaging in a contractually-bound professional relationship.?

Save Over the Long Term With an Influencer Contract Review

A simple contract review costing a few hundred dollars can save you thousands of dollars over the long run, as well as unnecessary stress and headache. Beverly Hills Law Corp can also partner with social media influencers on a longterm, monthly basis, through our Legal Subscription Program, where for a flat monthly fee, we can help you navigate uncharted waters and ensure that you are protected and secure when doing business on social media.?

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